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LaCie LAC9000490, 250GB SSD Rugged Thunderbolt & USB3.0 External Hard Drive
Features :
LaCie 250GB SSD Rugged Thunderbolt & USB3.0 External Hard Drive LAC9000490
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LaCie Rugged™ Thunderbolt™


Internal Storage Media
Interface Transfer Rate
Performance Benchmark
All-Terrain Resistance
Dimensions (W x D x H)
System Requirements
Box Content
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ 250GB (SSD) 
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ 500GB (SSD) 
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ 1 TB 
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ 1 TB (SSD)
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ 2 TB 
250GB 500GB 1TB 1TB 2TB
1 x Integrated Thunderbolt™ 
1 x USB 3.0 (USB 2.0* and UAS compatible)
1 x 5400 RPM/64 MB cache (or greater) hard disk
1 x SATA 6 Gb/s SSD
Thunderbolt: 10 Gb/s
USB 3.0: 5 Gb/s
Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 (reads)**:
  • 1 TB hard disk: 110 MB/s
  • 2 TB hard disk: 122 MB/s
  • 250 GB & 500 GB SSD: 387 MB/s
  • Dust & Water: IP 54 rated (when cover is attached)
  • Shock: drops of up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) (in non-operating mode)
  • Pressure: Run over by a 1-ton car (1000 kg / 2205 lbs)***
  • Theft: password protection with AES 256-bit software encryption▲
  • LaCie Backup Assistant (easy way to set up automatic computer backups)
  • LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption▲)
89 x 140 x 24 mm / 3.5 x 5.5 x 1 in.
1 TB & 2 TB: 350 g | 12.3 oz
250 GB & 500 GB: 280 g | 8.8 oz
  • Computer with a Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0* port
  • Operating system:
    • Thunderbolt: Latest version of Windows® 7, Windows 8 (see here for drivers information) / Mac OS® X 10.6.8 or later
    • USB 3.0: Latest version of Windows® 7, Windows 8 / Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Minimum free disk space: 600 MB recommended
  • LaCie Rugged with integrated Thunderbolt cable (37cm / 14.5 in.)
  • USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0 compatible*) (50cm / 19.7 in.)
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Removable cover
* To achieve full interface bandwidth, connect the product to either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt port on a computer or device.
** These transfer rates were achieved using AJA System Test with the SSD version connected to a Mac computer via the Thunderbolt interface. Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as chosen interface and disk capacity.
*** Determined by a test that approximates a real-world scenario in which the hard drive remained functional, despite aesthetic damage, after the product was driven over by an approximately 1-ton car (1000 kg / 2205 lbs). 
▲ Encryption software is only available via download and is not available in Russia.
When referring to drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one thousand billion bytes. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.




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